Introducing Auctions

Noel Moldvai
November 30, 2023

We just launched Auctions!

Price discovery in illiquid markets is tough… you never know the price at which you can actually trade until you have a signed document. And before that, the process of discovering bids/asks and negotiating with counterparties can be time-consuming. Some orders are firm, some negotiable, and counterparties can be flaky.

A simple way to solve this is by making orders firm and time-bound. With Augment Auctions,

    - Sellers put up a block of shares for a set period of time (1-2 weeks)
    - Buyers can bid on the share price of the block, all-or-nothing
    - Bids are anonymous, but are viewable by any Augment user
    - All bids are firm and binding
    - Winner locks in a transaction with the seller
    - To avoid buyers placing all their bids in the last few moments, any bid placed in the last 5 minutes will extend the auction another 5 minutes, and bids must be placed in minimum increments of $0.25!

Think a much cooler version of eBay!

We believe Auctions are one step towards making the private markets more liquid and transparent.

If you’re a seller considering auctioning off your shares, or a buyer wanting to participate or learn more, contact us at

* Private market investments involve a high degree of risk, may be illiquid, and should be considered speculative.

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